Solar Power

Powered by Sun

Powered by Sun

The RARE-Hub Group is investigating models to fund the purchase and installation of Photovoltaic Panels on any suitable local Riverton/Aparima surface, then:

  1. Paying the owner of the site an agreed rental for the area covered by the panels and associated equipment

  2. Providing an agreed portion of the electricity generated to the owner at an agreed rate

  3. Possibly storing some electricity at that site

  4. Connecting the Photovoltaic Panels and storage system at each site to a Local Grid

  5. Feeding a portion of the electricity generated at that site to the Local Grid

  6. Connecting that Local Grid to a Local Storage Hub, capable of storing many hundreds, or possibly thousands, of kilowatt-hours of electricity

  7. Providing that electricity at the lowest rates possible to consumers who have agreed to join the project.

The Group will assess where each type and size of Photovoltaic Panel system may be installed and how they will be connected to The RARE-Hub via the 'Local Grid' we intend to establish.

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