Hydro Power

Riverton Harbour

Can we generate electricity by harvesting the energy from our Riverton river?

'Can we generate electricity by harvesting the energy of the water flowing under Riverton Bridge?'

The Group has found no publicly-available data about the speed of flow of that water.

Water speed determines the Kinetic Energy of the flowing water. If the water's speed is too slow, it would be difficult to harvest enough energy to make the effort worthwhile.

The Group intends to measure water speed under Riverton Bridge over a 12-month to 15-month period.

Once the data has been collected and analysed, The Group will assess whether it's warranted to continue the design of equipment to harvest the energy, then build and install that equipment.

Local research company REACH Power has designed and built a system to measure the water speed at one location under the downstream edge of Riverton Bridge.

A photo of the floating instrument-carrier, or 'raft' is below, as is a photo of the wooden frame system used to prevent the raft from moving up- or down-stream but allowing it to rise and fall with the tides by moving up and down the 'Guide Rod'.

Should the data confirm that the water's speed is [or can be made to be] fast enough, The RARE-Hub Group would assess the practicality of installing appropriate equipment to harvest the Renewable Kinetic Energy.

That energy harvested from the flowing water would be used to generate electricity.

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