About us

The Riverton Aparima Renewable Energy Hub Group ['The RARE-Hub Group'] is a not-for-profit Incorporated Society set up to research, assist and support sustainable use of renewable energy and hydrogen for the benefit of the community.

















We operate as a Social Enterprise and will implement The RARE Hub Project and other elements of The RARE-Hub Proposal.

We also aim to provide assistance, resources and support to groups by securing and providing funding for:

  • Research and education;

  • Prototype facilities (and scaling up);

  • Experimentation and evaluation of systems;

  • Project design, implementation, management and administration.

The RARE-Hub Group was established in 2018, led by Tony Hine’s vision for eliminating fossil fuel use in the Riverton Aparima area. Tony operates a research and consultancy company called REACH Power Ltd.

The benefits of our activities include making Riverton/Aparima a more attractive place to live through:

  • Minimised local energy costs;

  • Improved energy resilience and independence;

  • Provision of services not currently available E.g. public commuter-orientated passenger transport, in collaboration with existing local transport companies;

  • Assisting farmers to diversify their income by becoming power and hydrogen generators;

  • Creating new employment opportunities;

  • Reducing environmental pollution.

  • Supporting other community-focussed projects


While the project is starting local, it has potential to expand regionally, and then throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are interested in hearing from you if you wish to discuss becoming part of our governance group or supporting our cause in any way.

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